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We can insure your car on chassis number with any plate
Bios Transit · Rue Picard 20 · 1080 Brussels · Tel. 0032.2.420.20.00.

Export your vehicle: simple and fast

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How does it work



National plate   NEW !

· Valid for 20 days, not renewable
· For delivery or driving up of vehicles for inspection or sale
· Only on Belgian territory
· Exclusive at our company i.c.w. AG Insurance


Official Legislation

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Transit plates for export

Export your vehicle: simple and fast

When you have bought a vehicle in Belgium, 2 things are necessary to transport it to your home country: a temporary transit plate and the mandatory short term insurance. Come to our office between 08:00h and 12:00h, and you receive your plates the same day at 16:45h, and you can leave.

Every person or enterprise which is not registered in Belgium, has the right to get a transit plate. Each Belgian citizen can also request a transit plate once a year. A transit plate can be valid from 1 to max. 6 months.

How does it work

1. Come to our office between 08:00h and 12:00h
2. Give us the required documents
3. You receive your plates the same day at 16:45h

Required documents

1. Car registration number
Original inscription of the vehicle
Pink or sand color

2. Green form
Certificate of insurance valid at
least for 31 days

3. Original sales invoice
Signed by both parties
In case of private sales: copy of the identity card of the seller

4. Passport or identity card
If the address is not mentioned on it: Certificate of Residence is required
For enterprises: original Articles of Association - max. 6 months old - sworn translation

Extra services

Long term insurances
3 or 6 months

Insurance on VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
For short terms on foreign plates

Car import
Import your vehicle to Belgium

Formalization of customs documents
E.g. EX 1 and EUR 1 PLDA

Technical control of your vehicle
This is possible on our own plates

Of existing transit plates

Most Belgian transit plates are issued by Bios Transit. Our strength lies in the trust that we have built throughout the years both at official bodies and car dealers since 1993.

We are specialized in the import and export of vehicles and the obtaining of transit plates. As experienced interlocutor of the Belgian Ministry of Traffic, we heavily contributed to the new simplified legislation since 2017.

The insurances are always carried out by BVRB, Inc. BVRB, Inc., is registered at FMSA with licence number 46277A as insurance broker for various insurance enterprises.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Bios Transit takes over most of your paper work and takes care of the full package:

As an official customs and shipping agent, Bios Transit can assist you with all your import and export questions. All insurances are handled and issued by BVRB, Inc.